The Holyhead History

The Holyhead Hostel is one of the oldest accommodation in Dublin. Long time ago, sailing was the only way to reach Dublin and most boats were departing from The Holyhead, in UK.

Bombing of 1974

On the evening of May 17th 1974 Dublin city centre was rocked by three explosions. The first, at 5.28 pm, was in Parnell Street. It resulted in the death of eleven people. The second explosion, which took place almost immediately after the first, was in Talbot Street, a few meters away from The Holyhead Hostel. This blast killed fourteen people. The third explosion, in South Leinster Street, which occurred just after 5.30 pm, was responsible for the death of two more. In addition to the lives lost, it has been estimated that up to 300 people were injured by the explosions, some of them disabled for life. No warnings were given of the bombings and no organisation claimed responsibility for them at the time. In 1993 the Ulster Volunteer Force claimed that it had carried out the attacks.

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